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Humboldt Management advises on the economic, political, and strategic environment helping businesses navigate complex and unique jurisdictions since 2007.

We follow the macroeconomic and political trends of the world and the country, perform specialized economic and financial studies and participate in decision-making committees of our clients.

Our expertise provides an alternative viewpoint to our clients redrawing the understanding of the challenges faced in decision-making.

We offer a diversified portfolio of professional services that match our clients needs, from information subscriptions, consulting projects to permanent advisory.

Santiago Caviedes

Economist educated in top American and European universities with 25 years of relevant experience in International Economics, Finance and Strategy.


With a deep understanding of the economic and political underpinnings in emerging markets, he developed his career at the intersection of business and government. He is the founding partner of Humboldt Management, a consulting and advisory firm since 2007.


He served his country, Ecuador, as Deputy Minister of Economy, during which time he secured multi-billion international financial support for the economic program.

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