• Corporate Finance

    GBS advises corporations and family-owned companies in mergers, acquisitions, debt advisory and capital markets. Its experience is supported by more than 350 transactions successfully closed. Our clients include listed companies, multinationals, family-owned companies and private equity funds.

  • Family Office

    GBS Family Office division, offers services of management and advisory to high net- worth clients. The business model aims to preserve capital and to optimize the structure of the investment portfolios and reduce costs.

  • Investments

    GBS Investment supports start-ups or ongoing projects that require additional financing to undertake their development and growth plans. GBS facilitates access to a network of venture capital and angel funds for the implementation of their business

Global Presence

GBS has 12 offices worldwide to advise our clients’ global needs.



  • Advisory

    Corporate Economic Advisory: HM is the leading provider of world class economic analysis and criteria for decision making in Ecuador. Our team of economists constantly analyzes world and local trends in economic and activity and politics to establish forecast scenarios to feed our clients business decisions. Our advisory plays the role of the corporation’s chief economist providing the management with economic expertise. We participate in decision making committees, prepare concise economic opinions, and provide economic information and data.

  • Competition & Antitrust

    HM provides expert advice and testimony in complex antitrust cases and M&A transactions. Our seasoned team of economists apply cutting-edge industrial organization theory and use sophisticated economic and econometric techniques to analyze and explain the complex issues of market conduct and performance.

  • ICT Telecom

    HM benefits from a long experience in the telecommunications sector. We perform economic analysis of regulatory issues & develop economic and financial models for infrastructure and services. We simulate economic scenarios for contract negotiations and value strategic decisions in economic and financial terms.

  • Oil & Mining

    HM provides expert analysis in the economic underpinnings of the oil and mining industry. We help our clients estimate the economic impact of their projects, establish economic and financial models for their reservoir and deposits. We simulate economic scenarios for contract negotiations and value strategic decisions in economic and financial terms.


  • Why Compostela?

    Investors undertaking a transaction in LatAm require a strategic advisor that helps them navigate the economic, political, and policy environment in extremely complex jurisdictions.

    Our services go from the methodology to understand the underlying issues to be solved; to the design of a strategy to reach out, relate and negotiate with the relevant counterparties.

    In the process, we will analyse and research the economic, political and public policy aspects; recommend communication and negotiation tactics; and monitor the implementation of the agreed strategy.

    We provide our clients with strategic direction for them to tune the dialogue between business and government.

    With our advise, the client explores alternative viewpoints and redraws the understanding of the situation from a wider and longer term perspective.

  • S.P.I.N Methodology

  • Strategy

    • Methodology
    • System analysis
    • Risk analysis
    • Strategy design
    • Action plans
  • Intelligence

    • Economic outlook
    • Industry assessment
    • Stakeholder mapping
    • Information gathering
  • Policy

    • Political landscape
    • Non-market analysis
    • Policy assessment
    • Policy design
  • Navigation

    • Cultural immersion
    • Coordination of teams
    • Negotiation
    • Follow-up activities
    • Debriefing and feed back

Our work will be executed around the four gears of our methodology:

S – Strategy
P – Policy & Politics
I – Information & Intelligence
N – Networking & Navigation


Santiago Caviedes

Santiago Caviedes is an independent economist specialized in finance and strategy. He founded Humboldt Management in 2007, a boutique consulting firm, internationally awarded as the best economic analysis in Ecuador. He is also a director at GBS Finance, a Spanish investment bank.

He was Head of Economics and Strategy in Movistar (Ecuador), where he was part of the renegotiation of the concession contract. Previously he worked as Emerging Markets Economist in Unifund (Switzerland) covering Mexico, Brazil and South Africa. He also served as Deputy Minister of Economic Policy in 2010 and 2018. He successfully negotiated an IMF agreement for Ecuador in early 2019.

He has been awarded as the best macroeconomic forecaster for Ecuador by FocusEconomics. He also devotes part of his time to teach macroeconomics at IDE Business School.

He speaks fluently Spanish, English and French and holds a B.A. In Economics from PUCE, a M.A. in Economics from the Graduate Institute in Geneva and a MPA from Harvard University.